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Research Committee

1.   Dr. S. L. Nalbalwar,  Chairman, Board of Studies

2.   Dr. S. B. Deosarkar, Professor of E & TC

3.   Dr. A. B. Nandgaonkar,  Associate Professor of E & TC

4.   Dr. Brijesh Iyer,  Assistant Professor of E &  TC

5.   Panel of following experts is recommended by BoS

i.    Dr. R. S. Holamb e, SGGSIET, Nand ed

ii.   Dr. R. N. Awale,  Professor of   E &  TC &  HoD of Electrical Engineering, VJTI Mumbai

iii.  Dr. Y. V. Joshi , Professor in E & TC,  SGGSIET, Nanded

iv.   Dr. Sulbha Rande, Director, SAMEER, Mumbai

v.    Dr.  Faruk  A. S. Kazi, Professor of Electronics, VJTI Mumbai

vi.   Dr. Amit Deshmukh, Professor in Electronics, D.J. S .  COE, Mumbai

vii.  Dr. R. P. Rege, Professor  &  Head, Department of E & TC, CoE,  Pune

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