Mr. R. V. Bandgar
Mr. S. V. Isai

Dr. Sanjay L. Nalbalwar

Associate Professor and Head


B. E. (CSE), S. G. G. S. College of Engineering & Technology, Nanded

M. E. (EC), S. G. G. S. College of Engineering & Technology, Nanded

Ph.D. (Comm. Engg.), Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi




Honours and Awards

Best Teacher, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere.


Research Interests

• Modeling using Multirate Filter Banks and Wavelets
• Biomedical Signal Processing
• Image Representation and Classification
• Smart Grid


Paper Published

• International Journals : 60
• International Conferences : 60
• National Conferences : 60


Selected Publications: (Published in Refereed International Journals)


1. S. M. Jadhav, S. L. Nalbalwar and A. A. Ghatol, Feature elimination based random subspace ensembles learning for ECG arrhythmia diagnosis, Springer Soft Computing (online), DOI 10.1007/s00500-013-1079-6, August, 2013, impact factor: 1.34
2. Dr. S.L. Nalbalwar, “Design of Signal Matched Nonuniform Synthesis Filter Bank: A Novel Approach” published in IJECTT Volume 4, Issue 2, March-April 2013. Impact Factor: 5.88896
3. P. A. Dhulekar and Dr. S. L. Nalbalwar, Optimization of Wavelet Packets to Minimize the Effect of Spectral Masking for Improving Speech Perception, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), USA, July 2011, Vol.25-No.11,pp.1-5, Impact Factor: 0.621
4. M. B. Sayyad, S. L. Nalbalwar and S. Dasgupta, Advanced Intelligent Vehicular Analytics (AIVA) using IMS Architecture, International Journal of Smart Home, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 19-28, April 2011, Impact Factor: 0.715
5. S. L. Nalbalwar, S. D. Joshi and R. K. Patney, Signal Matched Two Channel Multirate Filter Bank using Nyquist filter approach, International Journal of Modeling and Simulation, Vol. 29, No.3, 2009, Impact Factor: 1.265
6. S. L. Nalbalwar, S. D. Joshi and R. K. Patney, Linear Phase Characterization of Nonuniform Filter Bank, Elsevier Journal of Signal Processing, Vol. 88, issue 8, pp 1980-1989, August, 2008, Impact Factor: 1.750

Ongoing Research Project

1. AICTE sponsored RPS project on Improving the perception of Sensorineural hearing impaired by developing optimized signal processing algorithm for hearing aids.
2. UGC funded major research project on SMART grid

Research Project Completed

1. AICTE sponsored RPS project on Development of Multirate DSP Algorithms on Fast speed FPGA.



Recently Taught Courses

1. Signals & Systems
2. Probability Random Variables and Stochastic Processes
3. Digital Signal Processing
4. Detection and Estimation Theory
5. Multirate Signal Processing
6. Statistical Signal Processing
7. Linear Algebra



1. S. L. Nalbalwar and A. M. Kulkarni, Signals and Systems, ready for publications.


Membership of Professional Bodies:

Life Member of IETE (M123221) , CSI (LM54758), ISTE (LM17072),
IE (AM0820973), ISCEE (LM212).
Member of IEEE ( M80415950): 2005-2009


Other Responsibilities

1 Head, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
2 In-charge of University Computer Centre
3 Member of Executive Council, Dr. B.A.T.U. Lonere
4 Member of Academic Council, Dr. B.A.T.U. Lonere
5 Chairman, Research Committee, Department of Electronics & Telecomm. Engg.
6 Chairman, Board of Studies, Department of Electronics & Telecomm. Engg.
7 Member of Board of Studies, University of Pune
8 TEQIP MIS coordinator
9 TEQIP Nodal Officer (Finance) (From 2007-2010) and Nodal Officer Procurement
(From 2009-2010)
10 Convener, Centre for distance engineering education programme.